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Hi, I'm Alice

My Story

With a decade of customer service under my belt, seven of those spent in management including heading up international customer service departments, I want to help growing businesses provide fantastic customer service. And I particularly wanted to continue my journey within healthcare and patient care teams.

I've noticed that many business experiencing rapid growth or change will find their customers contacting more, and their customer service team struggling to cope.

bloomic provides customer service consulting to stop growing businesses compromising quality of service for speed of growth, with on the ground support and development.

I love that through bloomic I can not only help customers get the experience they deserve, but help young customer service managers develop to thrive as fantastic leaders and create environments where contact centre staff are driven, motivated and looked after. And all of this while saving the business money!


The Journey

What do we do

Building Blocks

Recruit / Restructure

The right people, in the right places

If you have no one we will recruit the right people into appropriate roles, and if you have people we will organise them into an effective structure that is optimised to scale well with fast growth.



At a certain point, shadowing isn't enough

If you have training we want to experience it, then we'll improve it. If you don't have any, we will create it. The training will be optimised to bring advisors (and more senior roles) up to the expected quality, fast. This is important in a growing business.

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The details

A review of policies and processes including probations, quality monitoring, complaints, etc will be undertaken and support provided where needed. This is not just advice, it is hands on development of the guidance and training with the individuals.

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Gold dust

Whether we need to work with the team leaders to improve their understanding and confidence, work with Product to improve automated data gathering or both, we'll make sure you see it.



It's a challenging role

Once the day to day is running smoothly and we're on top of the workload that has come through your growth, we turn our attention to ensuring your customer service leaders are equipped with the skills they need. Their role is complex and requires specific customer service management training.

Data Cloud


For future success

Using your projections we will provide an insight into what you'll need to do over the following months and years to maintain the fantastic customer service setup you have.


Consulting Reviews


We took the decision to appoint bloomic during a very busy time for our company. Alice, in a very short space of time, was able to implement scaleable systems and processes which have become invaluable for our growing team. Her experience & insights enabled us to effectively train a team of relatively new advisors. We quickly developed a well thought out training programme. 

Alice was then able to support our incoming Head of department ensuring a smooth transition. We would have no hesitation recommending Alice and the services provided by bloomic.

Co-founder, Online Doctor & Pharmacy Service


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+447786 836220