"Alice has been a godsend since joining. I hired her in mid-March as we were growing 100% month on month due to Covid.​ Since joining our KPIs and CSAT are the best they've ever been. We're now operating a phone line and social media team and she's scaled and virtually onboarded an additional ~40 heads to cope with demand. Patient Care is now the happiest team. 


She's now restructured the team into departments to scale and up skilled a struggling Team Leader and recruited a second to focus on calls and social media. She has also now got the team back in line with budget whilst building out the handover and strategy doc for the new Head of Patient Care that she's lead on recruiting."

"Alice joined us during the craziest time in our history. She brought calm and structure when we needed it most.


Hiring contractors into this sort of role always make me nervous but Alice is a brilliant CX leader and felt 100% part of the team - she also helped hire her full-time successor. Get her in!"




"You've been awesome and just what the team needed to grow. We would've been very lost without you."

Co-Founder, Health Tech

L&D Advisor in Customer Care

"You've been the greatest support system...thank you for guiding and teaching me as well as all the fun stuff we've shared."


"I'm so grateful for your help! With everything you have set in place, it's definitely going to make a difference as we move forward with our customer service"

Senior Customer Care Advisor

Customer Services Manager

Chief Operating Officer, Health Tech

"We have recently worked with Alice to support us with customer service training and with implementing new platforms and policies for our current team and new starters.

We have spent a great deal of time reviewing our current procedures and using Alice’s expertise and feedback from our customers to ensure we are providing the best level of customer service we possibly can.

We place huge importance on offering excellent customer service and want to say thank you to Alice for her invaluable expertise"

Founder, Fashion E Commerce

"Working with Alice was one of the best decisions we made. Having seen how many different customer service teams work across different companies Alices is a wealth of knowledge  on how to build efficient and happy customer service teams"

Founder (SaaS Startup)

"Alice has been an absolute godsend!"

Engineering Manager

"Alice joined our company at point of inflection. Alice led, helped and supported the CS team to move from a small cross functional contact centre team supporting many different aspects of the business to an organisationally mature and structured contact centre that was prepared for the growth that we experienced over the following years.

This transition required a change in staffing, processes, operating hours and management. Alice designed and implemented guidance and protocols for the team, and helped to coach the fledgling managers into leaders of their respective areas."

Chief Operating Officer, International Health Tech

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